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I bought starter set as a gift for my sister, but I ended up buying a second one for myself as I really loved it. I had never tried matcha before but with this set it was quite easy to get started. The matcha tastes really good and it looks really nice. So happy that I found this!

Amanda M

I quit coffee about 2 years ago, turned to matcha and never looked back. That being said it’s a challenge trying to find affordable, good quality matcha. I’ve tried so many brands and this one surprised me. For it being so affordable I wasn’t expecting high quality but it’s actually my favorite now.


I used 1 tsp of Matcha
Moments mixed it with water, ½ of each cinnamon and ginger, honey to taste, and ½ lemon. Drank it before going to bed to help burn belly fat. Morning after my first try, I felt so good and had lots of energy. My husband calls it my “Superwoman drink”.

Amazon Customer

It's delicious! Enables a refreshing start of the day and ensures a good night. I highly recommend it.

Lisa H.
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