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I quit coffee about 2 years ago, turned to matcha and never looked back. That being said it’s a challenge trying to find affordable, good quality matcha. I’ve tried so many brands and this one surprised me. For it being so affordable I wasn’t expecting high quality but it’s actually my favorite now.


Matcha Moments just tastes different than the other ones in the market. The ones tried before were all lower grade and you can tell from the dark green color and the taste. Matcha Moment's Matcha is bright green and smells fresh right out of the cute packaging.


I used 1 tsp of Matcha
Moments mixed it with water, ½ of each cinnamon and ginger, honey to taste, and ½ lemon. Drank it before going to bed to help burn belly fat. Morning after my first try, I felt so good and had lots of energy. My husband calls it my “Superwoman drink”.

Amazon Customer

It's delicious! Enables a refreshing start of the day and ensures a good night. I highly recommend it.

Lisa H.
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