Youkoya Matcha Cooking E-Book

Youkoya Matcha Cooking E-Book

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Matcha tea has been consumed by Zen monks and samurai for thousands of years. It is more than just a drink and offers manifold benefits. It went from being Japan's national drink to quickly gaining popularity outside of Japan in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and across Europe.

‘Youkoya Matcha Cooking E-Book’ takes you to explore the versatility of matcha tea powder including,

  • Matcha Liquid Moments- Delicious matcha drink recipes that you can easily make at home and enjoy the cafe-like experience. 
  • Matcha Sweet Moments- Mouth-watering matcha desserts you'll fall in love with! That too without the worry of counting calories.
  • Matcha Savory Moments- Savory Matcha recipes that will give your meal an extra boost of flavor and health benefits while making it tasty at the same time!

Other than the recipes, learn what makes matcha tea so special. Discover the health benefits of matcha and get tips on this natural elixir.