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Our signature 'Ceremonial grade' matcha is exclusively blended for Matcha Moments© and only uses the tea leaves from the very first harvest of the year and only the two leaves at the tip of each new shoot are being hand-picked. This guarantees the use of only the youngest, greenest and most tender leaves for our highest quality matcha green tea.

In contrary to many other matcha providers that cover their plants with only one layer of shade, the tea leaves used for Matcha Moments© receive a double layer of shade, creating up to 95% darkness. This does require a much more intensive and careful cultivation of the tea plant but pushes the plants to produce an exceptional amount of Chlorophyll, L-Theanine and antioxidants. It also gives the matcha its unique umami flavor profile.

After the destemming and deveining, the soft and sweet parts of the leaves are being very gently ground in a traditional stone mill into our vibrant green matcha powder. This time-consuming activity, which takes 45 minutes to grind 30 grams of matcha powder, is done very gently to avoid scorching of the leaves. The other benefit of stone-milling that is that the powder dissolves better in water. 

50 grams = 50 drinks

The first thing you will notice after taking a spoonful of our 'Ceremonial grade' matcha tea is the bright green color intensity. 

Performing the relaxing whisking ritual will release inviting fresh and vegetal notes and form a dense layer of pastel green foam.
From the first sip you will experience that savory and sweet mouthfeel thanks to the abundance of umami.
This 'Ceremonial grade' matcha green tea has a full body with hints of mellow aromas and earthy undertones, followed by a smooth and sweet finish to the very last drop.

Preparation instructions
The Matcha Moments 'Ceremonial grade' matcha tea is ideal for enjoying as a pure tea.

1. Heat water to just below boiling point (70-80°C).
2. Scoop 1 gram of matcha into a bowl.
3. Add 40ml cold water to the 70ml of the hot water to the bowl.
4. Use a bamboo whisk and whisk vigorously in a zigzag motion until the tea is frothy.
5. Enjoy your matcha tea straight from the bowl.

   • Use our Matcha Moments scoop for easy measuring (1 scoop = 1 gram)
   • Avoid lumps in your matcha and sift your scoop of matcha in the bowl by using a small sifter

Care notes
   • Store in a cool, dry place
   • Matcha is sensitive to air, light and moisture.
   • Always reseal lid after use