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Searching for organic matcha tea of the highest quality is like a treasure hunt. There are only a few of the matcha farmers that over many generations learned how to cultivate matcha in a sustainable and organic way.

We’ve traveled to Japan many times and sampled matcha from different regions, farms and harvests throughout Japan. We have sampled more cups of matcha than we can count. We’ve eventually made a selection for Matcha Moments what we believe to be the finest matcha available in Europe. 


During one of our trips in Japan, exploring new tea-growing regions, we’ve discovered a small community-run tea farm that has been cultivating matcha for hundreds of years. Their passion for quality matcha and generations of matcha expertise, in combination with the ultimate terroir and ideal weather conditions have resulted in matcha of the highest possible grade.

Sourcing our matcha for Matcha Moments directly from this community and in close collaboration with the local tea growers allow us to make a real impact:

  • Quality & freshness: our partnership allows us to have full control over product quality and with no intermediate steps, we receive the freshest matcha possible
  • Sustainability: we trade directly with the tea farmers to make sure they receive a fair price. For you, this means that no money is spent on redundant intermediaries and you support a local community of matcha farmers.  
  • Environment & Health: by only sourcing organic matcha, we make sure no pesticides and other harmful chemicals are being used during the growth and refinement of our matcha tea. This preserves the soil quality of the tea plantation, enabling long-term cultivation. It also guarantees the absence of any harmful substance in our matcha, unlocking the full potential of health benefits that matcha contains.


The production of matcha is a mix of science, craftsmanship and art.
Science because it is difficult to grow and protect the harvest, craftsmanship to refine and store the leafs, art because it requires a team of experienced artisans and tea sommeliers to craft the perfect blend of our mellow, full bodied matcha with sweet umami undertones.

Our farmers have kept ancient knowledge, handed down through generations and apply the latest techniques to continuously improve their production. 

Our signature ceremonial grade matcha is tea ceremony worthy. You can have your own tea ceremony at home and enjoy the relaxing and grounding feeling of preparing your own matcha tea with a traditional bamboo whisk and bowl. Check out our starter set here.

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