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Get instantly started or share the gift of health with someone close to you with our Matcha Moments® Starters Set .

This sleek and stylish set brings the ancient luxury of matcha to your modern life. It includes all of the necessary components to enjoy a matcha moment, neatly stored in a beautiful lifestyle case. The design and functionality was developed to inspire a daily ritual for healthy living.

The Starters Set includes:
  • 30gr 'Ceremonial grade' matcha
  • Bamboo whisk
  • Double glass bowl
  • Measurement scoop
  • Travel case

Care notes:

  • Matcha: Store in a cool, dry place and always reseal lid after use.
  • Bamboo whisk: Before using for the first time, let whisk soak in cold water for 2–3 minutes. After each use, prongs can be rinsed off with cold water, patted dry with paper towel and then placed face up to dry in open air.
  • Double glass bowl: Hand wash only and not microwaveable.

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