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We are thrilled to have found an extraordinary local craftsman in Japan to partner up with to bring you these one-of-a-kind Kintsugi bowls. From his workshop in the town of Shigaraki-world famous for high-quality ceramics-he follows centuries of tradition to create these unique and authentic pieces of ceramic craftsmanship for Matcha Moments. The Kintsugi bowl is truly an embodiment of Japanese art and philosophy that we are now happy to share with you.   

The art of Kintsugi by our craftsmen

Our Kintsugi bowls are handmade of red clay from the area of Shigaraki which is famous for high-quality ceramics in Japan. The gold work in our Kintsugi bowls uses clay and real 24k gold.

Our special craftsman Katou Eihou carefully hand-make the Kintsugi bowls in a shop in Japan named after himself. Originally, his family had crafted potteries in Gifu prefecture, but his grandfather, Katou Eihou, moved into Kyoto with an intention to master higher pottery techniques. His father started his own kiln in Sumiyama, Kyoto in 1973. Katou succeeded his grandfather & father’s name and now works as an expert ceramist in Sumiyama. He carefully handcrafts each piece and that’s why each piece is unique and varies in its appearance.

Kintsugi bowl is the ideal match for your daily calming ritual of preparing and drinking matcha tea for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Not only these bowls are aesthetically beautiful, but their golden joints are a reminder of the power of healing and the beauty of embracing the flaws and celebrate them.

Care Notes: 

  • Hand wash only

(Launched in Europe and the US, soon available in other regions) 

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