MATCHA MOMENTS is a brand for today's next generation of tea & coffee lovers and superfood admirers.

Everything started with the first cup of matcha 14 years ago on a leisure trip to Japan. Rebecca was immediately fascinated by the vibrant green energy-boosting health drink (and the yummy matcha ice cream). Upon return, Rebecca wanted to continue her new alternative to coffee at home. The matcha available in Germany was expensive and tasted not half as good as the ones she drank in Japan. So the matcha love unfortunately seized to exist for a few years. When Mattias, Rebecca's husband, traveled to Japan for work he brought her gift - a delicious authentic matcha. The idea was born: Bring high quality matcha to Germany to have more people benefit from this natural remedy - at a reasonable price.

When we started researching and talking with suppliers we figured out that only 10% of the matcha production is available for export, many different middlemen are involved in matcha export and retail margins are substantial. Our target was clear: Get directly in touch with a farmer, cut the middlemen and deliver straight to our customers. The situation is a win-win for everyone: The farmer gets a fair compensation for his hard work, Matcha Moments saves cost by reducing redundant middlemen and our customers get an authentic high quality matcha at a fair price. 

For this purpose, we traveled back to Japan to find the best matcha. We visited many farms, sipped more cups of matcha than we can count and are proud to say that we have found THE perfect matcha selection. 

We also believe that successful businesses nowadays not only should fill a gap in the market, but also have a positive impact on the society and environment. That’s why we chose to work only with sustainable matcha farmers.

We are excited for you to discover the unlimited creative ways to enjoy your very own #matchamoments (as a pure tea, as a matcha latte, in a cocktail, in a salad dressing, as a smoothie refiner, in a cheesecake…)!

Rebecca & Mattias