How to make the switch from coffee to matcha - 3 simple steps

Matcha Vs Coffee


You have heard that matcha is healthier than coffee and are ready to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle? Here are some tips to help you smoothen the transition:

1) Adjust the amount of matcha

If you are a light coffee drinker (one-two cups of coffee in a day) start each morning with a 1 gram serving of Matcha Moments Ceremonial grade matcha. Have a second serving after lunch if needed. 

If you are a heavy coffee drinker (three-four or more cups a day), gradually replace coffee with matcha green tea for one week. You might experience coffee withdrawal headache during the first three days. After that, you will feel the calm and focused energy of matcha green tea. On the first three days, drink one large serving (2 g) for breakfast, have a second one (2 g) between breakfast and lunch. After lunch, have a third matcha (2 g). Finish the day, if you need to, with a regular serving (1 g) of matcha. After three-five days, you can switch to two regular servings (1 g) in the morning and after lunch. 

2) Keep your favorite habits (or try something new)

Matcha can be enjoyed purely as a tea or - just like coffee - be mixed. Try different versions to find your favorite. 

If you are used to drinking your coffee with milk try the same with your matcha. If you want to mix it up, try almond milk or any other nut milk.

If you were drinking your coffee with sugar, try your matcha with a spoon of honey or agave syrup. Check out our Instagram account for more recipe ideas.

3) Be prepared for Zen-energy

When transitioning from coffee to matcha you will realize that it takes a little longer to feel the energizing effect from matcha. Coffee gives a quick (jittery) caffeine burst that lasts for about one-two hours. Which is when you usually will crave for the next cup of coffee to repeat the cycle.

The caffeeine in matcha bonds to larger plant molecules, increasing the time it takes for the caffeine to break down in the blood stream. This leads to an extended release of caffeine. Also, the natural combination of caffeine and the amino acid L-Theanine result in a calm and focussed energy that lasts for four-six hours.

Start your matcha discovery with our Youkoya matcha starter set.

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  • Dominique

    Tolles Erlebnis mit dem Matcha moments Set….. und vielen Dank für die wertvollen Tipps. Grüße aus den Bergen wo Matcha Latte besonders gut schmeckt!

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