Five reasons why your Matcha tea is not frothing well

We get a lot of questions like, ‘How do I make a frothy matcha tea at home?’ ‘Do I need special tools like a traditional bowl and a bamboo whisk?’ When it comes to matcha tea, you can even make it in your protein shaker or use an automatic latte/milk frother if you want and you’re good to go. 

You don’t need any hassles or expensive equipment to whisk up a perfect frothy matcha tea. Luckily, with Matcha Moments it is possible in a few easy steps, little effort, and a lot of fun. When it comes to matcha tea we all know how important it is to have the perfect froth on our cup. Without the mild and creamy froth matcha tea is not the same. The froth contrasts with the vibrant green matcha color making it more pleasing to the eye while giving it the perfect finish for a healthy and mindful sip. 

Practicing the ritual of making the traditional matcha tea is so indulging that it makes us want to jump out of the bed every morning or pause everything else for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up drink. The froth on your cup of matcha tea is not only a result of vigorous whisking but it requires other simple techniques to be kept in mind as well. The secret lies in the small details. So, if you want a perfect frothy and delicious matcha tea, follow these easy steps below for the matcha perfection:


1. Sift the matcha powder

While making a traditional and pure matcha tea does it really matter to sift the powder before whisking it? The answer is yes, it actually makes a difference. Matcha tea tends to be more frothy and milder if you sift it. As matcha tea is finely ground into a smooth textured powder it is important to sift it so the tea particles may not form any clumps. Matcha Moments resealable pouches and signature cans are designed to guarantee long-lasting freshness and prevent the tea powder from clumping. 

Tip: To avoid clumps, store your matcha tea powder in a cool place. 


2. Check the water temperature

While you’re adding and sifting matcha tea powder in a bowl, you can already put some water to boil but keep in mind to not wait for too long. You can start pouring water in the middle of the bowl as soon as it reaches 80 degrees C. If you’re using water below 80 degrees there is a chance that your matcha may not froth correctly. 

Tip: you can pour the boiling water (100 degrees C) twice in a cup as each time you pour it in a vessel it cools down with 10 degrees.


3. Add the correct amount of water

We understand if you want your calming cup of matcha tea to never end but increasing the amount of water might not help with that. Using water more than required or using too little of the matcha powder does not result in the desired frothy and delicious matcha tea. Ideally, you need 70-80 ml (2 to 2.7 oz) of water for 2 grams, which is 1 teaspoon, of matcha tea but you can experiment a bit to find the perfect ratio for you. 


4. Use a high quality (ideally Ceremonial grade) matcha

If you are doing everything right but still missing the smooth frothy surface in your matcha tea it means that you might not be using the right matcha for drinking. Using a lower grade (cooking quality) matcha, may keep you whisking but the froth might not appear. Matcha Moments Ceremonial grade matcha exclusively uses the tea leaves from the very first harvest of the year and only two leaves at the tip of each new shoot are hand-picked. This guarantees the use of only the youngest, greenest and most tender leaves for our highest quality matcha green tea which is the perfect base for a frothy matcha tea that has a full body with hints of mellow aromas and earthy undertones, followed by a smooth and sweet finish to the very last drop. 


5. Whisk it right

If you have followed all the steps above, then all that is remained for you is to whisk it right. It is the most simple and soothing step to do and see the smooth pastel green frothy surface forming in your cup of matcha tea. Whisking in a zig-zag motion or ‘W’ or ‘M’ shape is essential. If you stir in a circle, you won’t get much foam as the zig-zag motion agitates the water to create air bubbles. 

You can whisk your matcha tea for at least 10 seconds at a normal pace and then elegantly remove the whisk before you enjoy your frothy matcha tea.  

Tip: If you already have an automatic latte/milk frother you can use it for a quicker and more frothy matcha tea. 

While following all these steps above you could practice more often by making yourself, friends, or family a delightful cup of frothy matcha tea and if you want to impress everyone on social media with your picture-perfect matcha tea then don’t forget to tag us with #mymatchamoment and get featured on our social media.


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