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Matcha Moments ‘Imperial grade’ is the highest quality ceremonial matcha we have ever come across and that’s why we wanted to call it the ‘Imperial Grade’. A name that lives up to the extraordinary quality of our highest grade matcha.   

Our 'Imperial grade' matcha is exclusively composed of the hand-picked precious tea leaves grown carefully in the shade in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto prefecture, by Mr. Nakanishi.

Unlike other methods of mechanical harvest, Imperial matcha uses only hand-picked leaves which is the rarest and purest way of manually harvesting tea. Picking the best, the youngest, and most tender leaves of the once-in-a-year spring harvest, takes much more time and manpower than normal but results in the highest grade matcha green tea.

To block the sunlight from reaching the leaves of the tea tree, they are shaded with double layers covering 95% of the sunlight for about 35 days before harvest. Due to this meticulous method of shading technique where the cloth is not touching the leaves, there is no friction between them, hence no damage is caused that might irritate the leaves and change the flavor profile. This technique also accumulates an exceptional amount of amino acid (L-theanine) which is also responsible for the mellow, smooth, and savory flavor. This tea can be used for both thin and thick tea with no signs of bitterness.


Imperial matcha is the best matcha we have ever tasted. Savouring the indulgent ‘Imperial matcha’ means that you are consuming the goodness of a whole leaf with its refreshingly earthy fragrance and a hint of a sweet finish.

The vivid bright green matcha tea powder reveals a velvety jade liquor that offers a perfect balance of smooth and mellow non-astringent umami profile.

From the first sip, you will experience the fragrant vegetal notes with rich creamy, and long-lasting flavor that will leave you with a sense of tranquillity and pleasure.


Preparation Instruction


  • Scoop ½ teaspoon (1 gram) in a bowl.
  • Pour 120 ml (4 Oz) warm water into it and whisk vigorously.
  • You can also add a splash of milk of your choice.


  • Scoop a levelled spoon of ½ tsp (1 gram) into a mason jar or bottle.
  • Add water and ice cubes.
  • Close the lid and shake well.

Our imperial grade matcha is also great for matcha latte and matcha iced tea.

   • Use our Matcha Moments scoop for easy measuring (1 scoop = 1 gram)

Care notes

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Matcha is sensitive to air, light, and moisture.
  • Always reseal lid after use
(Launched in Europe, soon available in other regions)