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matcha ombre smoothie

Who doesn't love those beautiful Instagram posts of smoothies, let alone the trending ombre smoothies? That's why we decided to try it ourselves. The most challenging part about the smoothie preparation is the layering - they just don't want to end up straight. But that's ok, taste and superfood properties are more important. Speaking of superfoods, we decided to use chlorella and matcha powder. Chlorella is known to strengthen the immune system and helps to detoxify and matcha is an energy booster (contains caffeine), boosts the metabolism, and also detoxifies the body. So, our ombre smoothie is basically a double detoxifier smoothie and makes the perfect companion after a wild party night!


(1 portion)

1st Layer (bottom): 1cup of spinach +1 frozen banana +1 tsp of chlorella powder

2nd Layer: 1 frozen banana + 1 tsp of chlorella powder

3rd Layer: 1 frozen banana + 1/2 cup of spinach + 1 tsp matcha powder

4th Layer: 1 frozen banana + 1 tsp of matcha powder 

5th Layer: 1/2 cup of chilled coconut cream + tsp of matcha powder

6th Layer (top): 1/2 cup of chilled coconut cream + 1 tsp of matcha powder

Blend each layer separately and rinse blender after each layer to preserve colors. Layer and enjoy!

Share your matcha creations with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #mymatchamoment. Every week, we choose our favorite matcha post from our followers and feature it on our account.



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